Pregnant or home with a newborn?

Are you an expectant mother or a new mom looking to stay active, relax, and bond with your little one? My uniquely themed yoga courses are designed to support you on your pregnancy journey and the transition to early motherhood. Learn how to cultivate a sense of mindful calm and connection during your pregnancy and early motherhood experience. Gain strength, alleviate common pregnancy discomforts, and find your community of like-minded women. Courses offered in person in Lund and Malmö. Read more below to find the right fit for you.

Build strength. Stretch. Relax.

& Find Your Community.

Pregnancy and early motherhood can be a beautiful and transformative time in your life. It can also be a time of change and uncertainty, where a little extra support is welcomed. My hope is to help share my best tips, tools and of course yoga practices so that you feel empowered and ready for the changes to come. Click below to be directed to the right info on this page:

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Mamma Baby Yoga

Upcoming 8 Week Courses:


- Starting 26 January at N Yoga (Fridays at 13.35) - Book this course!.

- Starting 5 April (Fridays at 13.35). Book this course!


- Starting 24 January at Yoga Kendra (Wednesdays at 10:15). Book this course!

- Starting 3 April (Wednesdays at 10:30). Book this course!

The classes include gentle baby yoga and massage for your baby so you can practice together, and also time just for you to practice and move with your baby close to you.

We focus on stretching and strengthening postures, breathing and meditation techniques just for postpartum women. Special attention in class is given to realigning your body – especially the shoulders, neck and back – resulting from carrying and nursing your baby.

No yoga experience necessary, often women take their first yoga class during pregnancy or early postpartum. Classes are open for women 6-12 weeks after delivery, and you can attend up until your baby is crawling (or sitting happily in a baby sitter).

An important note, babies will make noises, cry and wiggle around – this is ok! We are all mothers here, and the classes are flexible to how the babies will be feeling each class. Come as you are and this community is here to support you!

Classes are led in English.

For course pricing - click on the location button below to see the studio pricing and booking information.

Want to hear more? Read what other moms thought about the course!

Lund: More Info & Booking at N Yoga
Malmö: More Info & Booking at Yoga Kendra

Mindful Pregnancy Yoga Course

Upcoming 6 Week Courses:


- Starting 26 January at N Yoga (Fridays at 16.00). Book this course.

- Starting 15 March (Fridays at 16.00). Book this course!

- Starting 10 May (Fridays at 16.00). Book this course!


- Starting 24 January at Yoga Kendra (Wednesdays at 17.30). Book this course.

- Starting 13 March (Wednesdays at 17.30). Book this course.

- Starting 8 May (Wednesdays at 17.30). Book this course.

The classes give you time to connect to your body, baby and community of women. Each 90 minute session is uniquely themed, with each class having a specific focus. The classes include not only mindful meditation, but we also cover:

  • strengthening movements specifically for pregnancy
  • stretches to aid common pregnancy discomfort
  • mindful relaxation
  • community connection & discussion
  • take-home reflection prompt each week

After class a calming tea is served and a reflection task is shared to bring the relaxation and mindfulness home with you. Each course runs for 6 weeks, and classes are held in English.

For course pricing - click on the location button below to see the studio pricing and booking information.

Want to hear more? Read what other moms thought about the course!

What other mothers think about the courses:

“I really enjoyed the prenatal course and only have positive things to say! In the beginning of my pregnancy I had a lot of worries and fears, but after starting the course I found myself being more relaxed and prepared for whatever happens when the baby comes."

Jenny D.

"The community Bethany created. She was honest, real and so incredibly knowledgeable. I’m so thankful for her and her practice. I gained my two best friends from my first prenatal yoga course."


“I really loved the prenatal course! It gave me strength both physically and mentally. I felt so safe with [Bethany] as a teacher, because I know [she has] the right knowledge to guide me."

Josefine J.

“The prenatal course was incredibly helpful for me – I became very relaxed and felt I took good care of my body during pregnancy. Bethany was/is the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had!”

Sara O.

"I would recommend prenatal yoga with Bethany to all pregnant women in any week of their pregnancy. She teaches in an easy going way that suits new yogis as well as more experienced ones.”

Elina G.

“Thank you for making my first experience with yoga just as great as I hoped it would be! You really made feel welcome and comfortable as a beginner!”

Lotta M.

Practice at Home

Waiting for the next course to start? You can start your mindful practice today by joining a program online!

Mindful Pregnancy Intro Course

Are you looking to cultivate a sense of calm and connection during your pregnancy? In this mindfulness intro course, you'll embark on a seven-day exploration of mindfulness practices to support your pregnancy. You will receive daily exercises in mindfulness , self-care rituals, and journal prompts each designed to inspire and jumpstart your mindfulness journey. Learn more.

6 Week Digital Pregnancy Program

This course is designed as a series of six weeks, where each week you are invited to dive into a new theme. Each week you are lead through three different types of practices: a physical 60-minute themed yoga practice, a reflection task and journal prompt to bring mindfulness off the mat, and a guided meditation practice. The six week program is supplemented with a bonus videos and meditations, and my ebook "Mindful Mama-to-Be". Learn more.

Mindful Mamma Yoga Handbook

Embarking on the journey of motherhood often stirs a mix of excitement and anticipation. But how can we navigate pregnancy with calm and presence? Yoga offers a path to connect—both with yourself and to your growing baby. This guide provides a breakdown on how to start a home yoga practice, illustrating pregnancy yoga postures and combining these into simple 10 - 20 minute practices to weave into your day. The best part? This guide is completely free to download. *Coming Soon*

Meet Bethany.

Hi! I'm Bethany. A mother of two young children, with a passion for pre and postnatal wellness. I have been working in the yoga and wellness industry since 2014, and have worked with hundreds of women leading my popular pregnancy and mama baby yoga programs in Sweden, and even more with my digital programs.